Triathlon Courses


If you take into consideration the race, you will easily realize that the swim leg in the lake gives the viewers, the best possible view of the entire “Lago dei Tre Comuni”.
The choice of this course, as you will see later, will make the swim segment even more enjoyable.
The bike leg, tanks to the climbing up to Mount San Simone, aims at adding charm, and later a tradition, to this hard climbing which gives you a magnificent view of the whole Friulian plain. This part of the race is NO DRAFT.
The run segment at upper-level is immersed in a completely uncontaminated environment, not at all frequented by visitors and hikers, despite the proximity to the plain and the beauty of the view enjoyable from upland.
To bring out the qualities of this area is one of the goals of this competition.
Two refreshments are provided.


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XTriM Tri Sprint Bike Prf.JPG


Transition zone 1


T1 ( swim – bike) on camping lago 3 comuni (220 mt)

Transition zone 2


T2 ( bike – run ) on the top on the st. Simeone mount (1150 mt)



750mt (1 loop x 750 mt course in water)
Water Temperature > 14° – 15°
Wetsuit requested

13 km
1000 mt difference in height
This part of the race is NO DRAFT

5 km (5 km ring)
160 m di dislivello, 320 mt difference in height
Athletes return

from T2 (on 1.150 m) to T1 (on 220 m) with own biking (only down – 13km )